Towarzystow Przyjaciół Centralnego Muzeum Morskiego

About The Society

Society of Friends of Maritime Museum in Gdańsk is based on the regulation on 7th of April 1989 “The rights about societies” and the regulation on 24th of April 2003 “Law on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work”.

The Society received a statute of Public Benefit Organization on 31st of December 2003.

A Short story about Society of Friends of Maritime Museum in Gdańsk.
In the fifties of the XXth century among the people from Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia (named Tree-cities), who were fascinated with the sea, come up with an idea to create an organization of Maritime Museum. They would like to dedicate the museum, a separate one than in Szczecin, to polish maritime technology and economy. The employees of Maritime Institute, scientists, mariners and sailors, supported this idea. The founders of the Society were Zdzisław Ćwiek, Witold Urbanowicz, Bolesław Polskowski, Stanisław Ludwig, Zygmint Brocki, Aleksander Rylke, Bolesław Kasprowicz, Jerzy Onoszko, Tadeusz Wysocki, Władysław Drapella, Witold Bublewski, Tomasz Czayka, Tytus Bieniecki, Henryk Radowicz, Zygmunt Knothe, Franciszek Matkowski and many others. Those prominent people took part in the National Conference associated with maritime education on 6th of March 1958. One of discussed issue was organization of Maritime Museum. As the result of this conference, the president of Voivodeship Board of the Association of Knowledge Universal Mr. Adam Dobrowolski hold a meeting of enthusiasts about establishing the Maritime Museum on 28th of March 1958. Society of Friends of Maritime Museum was proposed during this meeting. The Society seemed to be an administrative authority, which was to stimulate and propagate the idea of establishing this museum. Stanisław Ludwig proposed that the participants of the meeting were to acknowledge themselves as the organized committee of The Society. The board of committee was elected as followed:

Chairman - Leonard Lazarowicz
Secretary - Przemysław Smolarek
Member - Florian Wichłacz
Member - Bolesław Polkowski

The Society took measures to formal legalization of its own existence. The Society was registered to the list of societies and unions in Interior Office of Voivodoship Town Council in Gdańsk. During fifty years of its activity, the Society worked with following ventures:
- 1960 - to established Maritime Museum, the name was changed into Central Maritime Museum (abbreviation CMM) – 1972;
- 1962 - to rebuilt Żuraw;
- 1963 - to form a Lighthouse Museum in Rozewie;
- to form new sections of CMM in Hel, Tczew, “Dar Pomorza” and “Sołdek”.

Konto TPNMM:
Bank PKO BP, nr 69 1020 1811 0000 0202 0102 4231
KRS: 0000039731 NIP: 583-20-86-836REGON: 001054630